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How to Get the Most Out of Your Hypnosis Experience

So, you’re going to do your first hypnosis session. This is an exciting time! You’re likely feeling some nervous excitement – hoping that this is the treatment that will help you. And while the impact that hypnosis can have on your life is not to be understated, the fact is that you have some work to do to ensure that you get the most from this treatment.
Just like anything else in life, you get out exactly what you put […]

True Celebrity Hypnotherapy Success Stories

Some of the most successful people in the world swear by hypnotherapy for various reasons, from addiction relief to self-exploration. Hypnotherapy can be a wonderful tool to find fulfilment in many aspects of life. If you’re interested in trying hypnotherapy but would love to know more about how it has benefited others, read on to learn about celebrities who overcome challenges with the help of hypnotherapy.
Jessica Alba
Jessica Alba has openly praised birth hypnotherapy, or ‘hypnobirthing’, describing it as a […]

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How to Treat Your Insomnia With Hypnosis

Insomnia is a debilitating sleep disorder for many, and it can be hard to treat because there’s still so much we’re yet to learn and understand about sleep. It’s surprisingly common too with 33% of the population impacted by it.
Lack of sleep to this extent can have a significant impact on your alertness during the day, reasoning, mood and how you function in general. If you suffer from insomnia, we understand the struggle. You’ve probably been to the GP […]

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What to Expect From Your First Hypnotherapy Appointment

So, you’ve just booked your first hypnotherapy appointment. Congratulations! For many, taking that first step towards facing personal issues can be nerve-wracking, but learning what to expect from your first session can help tremendously.
Introductory conversation
Before any hypnosis begins, your therapist will want to have an introductory conversation with you about the session. First and foremost, your therapist will want to know why you have come to see them. They will ask you a series of questions about your goals […]

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The Top Hypnosis Methods and How They Work

Hypnosis is different for everyone – what works for someone may not work for you.
If you want the best results from hypnosis, you need to make sure you’re using hypnosis techniques that work for YOU.
To help you find the right form of hypnosis for you, we’ve gathered some of the top hypnosis methods that people often use for initiating changes in their behaviours, actions, or mindsets.
Direct Suggestion
As its name suggests (pun intended), Direct Suggestion involves suggesting a desired behaviour […]

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5 Facts About Hypnotherapy You Probably Didn’t Know

Hypnotherapy is seen to be such a mystical and mysterious thing. Sure, there’s plenty we’re still yet to learn and understand about hypnosis, but there is also a lot that we do know too. To give you a bit more information and guidance on the topic of hypnotherapy, we’ve put 5 common facts together that we think you should know about.
1.   Hypnosis is Not Mind Control
While it may appear that the hypnotherapist is controlling the mind of the subject […]

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Stop Smoking, use the power of hypnosis! Part 2

There is an ever-increasing number of studies that demonstrate hypnosis to be an effective—in fact probably the most effective—approach to getting rid of a smoking habit. Research in Canada, the United States, Europe, and Australia, have shown that hypnosis offers a fast, permanent, and relatively inexpensive way to stop smoking.
There are many ways that hypnosis works for stopping smoking.
First, there is the physical problem. Nicotine is an addictive substance. Over time, smokers develop physical dependence. When they stop smoking, […]

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How can Hypnosis Help an Alcoholic?

Alcohol abuse is something that develops gradually. It starts small, and then it grows. Think of it as a road. It begins as a gentle footpath, a drink now and then that eases social situations, or offers a way to wind down at the end of a hard day.
Then that footpath widens into a graveled country lane, and before you know it the country lane merges into a paved road, and then the paved road becomes a superhighway littered […]

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Hypnotherapy for Anger Management | Moving Minds Gold Coast

Hypnotherapy for Anger Management
Anger is a normal response to frustration. When we are trying hard to get something done, and can’t, it is natural to feel at least a degree of irritation. Anger can also be a healthy response to threat, even if we decide that, in a particular situation, flight is better than fight. But while anger is normal, how we respond to it can be a problem.
Most of us begin learning to deal with anger early in […]

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Hypnosis for Gambling Moving Minds Gold Coast

Australians really like to gamble; and it’s easy to do here, what with all the race tracks and casinos, four thousand-plus poker clubs, and about two hundred thousand poker machines spread across the continent. Plus, there is on-line gambling, which generates approximately $800 million a year.
Eighty percent of Australians gamble at least a few times a year, and that is more than any other country in the world. For most of us, it’s just something to do for a […]

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