What’s the best hypnosis to quit smoking?

Let’s say you have decided to quit smoking, and you are going to give hypnosis a chance to rid you of your nasty habit.

That’s an important decision, and hypnosis is an excellent choice.

Now you have another decision to make. With hypnosis, you have three options:

You can go online and pick out one of the dozens of canned offerings you will find there, usually beautifully packaged and assuring you that you will stop smoking right away and never touch tobacco again.

You can wait until one of the stop-smoking road shows comes to town, where you and a few dozen other people will sit in a room and go through a one-size-fits-all group hypnosis session.

Or, you can make an appointment with a competent certified hypnotherapist like Greg Thompson in Gold Coast.

All three approaches have their advantages.

The canned hypnosis programs are typically very inexpensive, and with what your cigarettes are costing you these days, you may not have a lot of cash to spare. The canned programs are also convenient. You can use them anytime, day or night.

The quit-smoking road shows are also relatively inexpensive. The group approach can help down the line, as well, because one or more of the people you meet there may make good allies later on—sort of an ongoing support group.

Making an appointment with a trained hypnotist like Greg Thompson will, of course, cost more money; and you may need more than one appointment. There is, however, a major advantage. Face-to-face hypnosis with a skilled, competent professional has a really high success rate. There is no single hypnotic technique for quitting smoking that does the job for everyone. A trained hypnotist has the ability to assess your best strengths and to come up with the hypnotic approach that will succeed for you.

And after all, like anything else in life, the best choice is the one that works.

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