What Defines a Healthy Weight?

Even as you begin to think about finding a competent hypnotist or hypnotherapist, a part of you probably is still asking if you really need to lose weight.

And even if you are convinced that you do, there is the question of how many kilos you need to shed. What is a heathy weight? And how do you decide when you are there?

For some people, healthy means ideal. They look back at what they weighed when they were teens, and think getting back to that weight should be the goal. That’s not realistic. People gain weight with age. That is a normal, healthy change. Even your bones get thicker when you are older. If you try to force your body to return to that earlier weight, it will fight back, and it will win.

Or you may have fantasies about matching the looks of fashion models, not thinking about the fact that many of them are essentially starving themselves, and often suffer from anorexia or bulimia.

So what is a healthy weight?

How about this? A healthy weight is one that, once you reach it, you can maintain it without a lot of effort. It may slide up or down a kilogram or two now and then, but if you are eating wisely, and getting enough physical activity, that weight becomes stable and won’t vary.

Some people go on line and dig up magic formulas that will tell them their ideal weight. They plug in their height, age, amount of exercise, and what have you, and the formula pops out a number. But, if you pick a dozen of those formulas, you will wind up with a dozen different “ideal” weights, and the results can vary by up to twenty kilograms.

Then there is waist size. Wrap a tape measure around your waist just above the belly button. For a woman, a waistline of more than ninety centimeters is too much. For men the magic number is about one hundred and two centimeters.

Or you can determine your body mass index, or BMI. You will find the means to compute that on line also. A body mass index between 18.5 and 25 is considered healthy. More than that and you are overweight or obese. Less than that and you may want to try out as a fashion model.

But as you begin your hypnosis sessions, here’s a simpler way to know how things are going. When you reach that healthy body weight, you will know, not only from the comments of friends and family, but because it will simply feel right.

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