Weight Loss: You’ve Forgotten How

The Forgotten Weight Loss Solution

The debate rages on: Keto diet vs low-fat diet, high fiber diet, diet supplements, cardio exercise vs weight training. There exists a dizzying array of theories about the quickest and best ways to lose weight. Some of these ideas have become quite controversial with proponents exposing their particular belief and denouncing other theories with an almost religious exuberance. It seems as each plan comes with special warnings about its dangers.

Analyzing these weight loss schemes can become mind-numbing.

If only there was a proven plan for weight loss that was not controversial, safe and inexpensive. The good news is there is! A strategy so simple and effective you will wonder why it is talked about so little. The truth is you can lose more weight simply by eating slower.

We have inherited from our hunter/gatherer ancestors a trait which no longer serves us well.

Early man learned to eat as much food as quickly as possible whenever the opportunity presented itself. After all, someone or something could take your food from you, and you never knew when the opportunity to eat again might present itself. Unfortunately, this behaviour doesn’t give our unconscious mind enough time to realise sufficient food has been consumed. Continued eating will only lead to stomach pain, bloating and lethargy. Imagine if you were to consume 300 ml of alcohol as quickly as possible. It could be done in less than a minute, but the consequence would be harmful and potentially lethal. However, if you consumed the same amount of alcohol over the next five hours while chatting pleasantly with friends, you would most likely have a more enjoyable experience. Given enough time to process the fact that you have had too much to drink, your unconscious mind can protect you by impairing your coordination and inhibitions. Thereby, sending cues to friends allows them to give sound advice with regard to your drinking. As a last resort, you might pass out, thereby preventing further self-abuse.

The Simple Solution

Merely by eating more slowly, you will control the amount of food you eat in a natural and healthy way. In addition, you will find that although you eat less, your enjoyment increases. You can consciously bring your attention to the texture, the aroma and the flavor of the food. You can enjoy your companions, the conversation, the ambiance and the feeling of being in control of your eating.

As a general rule of thumb, taking twice as long to eat your food will result in eating 40 percent less.

At Moving Minds Hypnotherapy Gold Coast, you will be given suggestions that allow you to make this positive and natural behavioral change in a very satisfying and empowering way. You will discover that by simply slowing the rate at which you eat, your portions will decrease while your gratification increases.

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