Three Hypnotic Inductions

Three Hypnotic Induction Methods

Initially, the most fascinating part of the hypnosis session is the induction. There is a great number of different types of inductions and deepening techniques. At Moving Minds Gold Coast Hypnotherapy, the induction is tailored to the client. Some inductions will be better suited to a specific client than others. As long as active cooperation between the hypnotist and the subject is achieved, almost any type of induction will be effective.

Progressive Relaxation

As in all forms of induction, it begins with a pre-induction. During the pre-induction, the client’s goals are addressed, in addition, his or her concerns and questions are answered. This is a good time for the hypnotist and the subject to establish rapport as they will be functioning as a partnership during the induction. This method is very reliable and seldom misunderstood. It can be used with or without music. The subject is allowed to sit in a very comfortable chair, in a very loose and relaxed position in a room with comfortable temperature and soothing lighting. Hypnosis is created with the use of words, and through the use of words, the subject will be guided to relax individual body parts starting from the top of the head and floating down to the tips of the toes. When optimum relaxation occurs, the conscious mind will gradually and naturally drift into abeyance until a state of hypnosis occurs.

Eye Fascination

Following the pre-induction, and after being once again comfortably seated, the hypnotist draws the client’s concentration to a particular point of attention. It could be a laser light on the wall, a swinging pendulum, a spinning disc, a flame or any other point of focus. As the eyes stare at the object, ocular fatigue is created. The hypnotist is simultaneously giving the client verbal suggestion to intensify the fatigue. The point is located slightly upward. Within a short amount of time, the eyes will close and the conscious mind will once again drift into abeyance.

The Confusion Method of Induction

This method can be used as an initial induction as well as a very effective deepening technique. The confusion method was developed by the Father of Modern Hypnosis Milton Erickson and it brilliantly uses contradictory messaging to tire the conscious mind and allow it to let go into abeyance. Suggestions are meaningful but contradictory, given in quick succession. For example, the client may be told his right hand is lifting upwards while his left hand is remaining stationary and then quickly and in a confident manner those suggestions are reversed.

While any of these inductions and many others not discussed will be effective in most situations, the measure of a good hypnotist is what happens after the induction occurs. The pre-induction and the induction are necessary precursors to the hypnotherapy that takes place, and they are all effective whether your goal is weight loss, stress relief, smoking cessation or any of the other therapies offered at Moving Minds Hypnotherapy Gold Coast.

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