The things hypnosis can do for you!

Hypnosis and hypnotherapy are increasingly becoming the techniques of choice for breaking destructive habits like smoking, excessive drinking, and compulsive gambling, but there are a great many other ways that this altered state can help make your life better.

Athletes of all kinds have long known that visualising improves performance. Ski racers, for instance, spend as much time as possible before a race, standing at the top of the race course, watching themselves go down the slope in their minds. Martial artists perform katas and fighting techniques in their heads as often as they do on the mat.

These days, more and more of those athletes are learning that doing that kind of mental visualisation is even more powerful if it is done while in a hypnotic trance.

Classroom work is another area where hypnosis can make a difference. A skilled hypnotist can train the student to memorise in such a way that the student can actually see the words in his or her mind and read them.

The same is true for music. The violinist who “plays” a musical piece in his or her mind, seeing and hearing it, gets the piece down solidly. Even better, with proper training in hypnosis, that musician can actually play the piece while in a waking trance, with all the benefits that offer to the ability to focus and concentrate.

Pain, chronic or acute, is another appropriate target for hypnosis and hypnotherapy. Psychiatrist Milton Erickson, a pioneer in modern clinical hypnosis, suffered polio as a child and had to deal later in life with chronic post-polio pain. He conquered it with hypnosis and helped hundreds of others do the same.

Hypnosis and hypnotherapy are also increasingly recognised as tools to help people fighting emotional issues, such as anger, anxiety and depression. To begin with, when you are in a trance you simply do not experience negative emotions. All you feel is comfortable, calm and relaxed. More important, skilled hypnotherapists like Greg Thompson in Gold Coast can open a door to your unconscious, allowing you to explore and resolve the roots of such problems.

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