The Addiction Fallacy

When smokers say about how they simply cannot give up their habit, they often blame it on addiction.

If you suggest a powerful tool like hypnosis—in Gold Coast think Greg Thompson—they might say,

“That won’t do any good. I can’t quit. I’m addicted.”

That’s a fallacy.

Now it is true that smoking has an addictive aspect. If you have nicotine in your system, as it metabolizes it leads to withdrawal symptoms, and those can be unpleasant—fuzzy thinking, irritability, cravings for more nicotine, anxiety.

The thing is, once the nicotine is out of your system, those withdrawal symptoms disappear. On top of that, nicotine metabolizes very rapidly. When you smoke a cigarette, half of the nicotine is out of your system within about ninety minutes. When you go to bed at night after one last cigarette, by the time you wake up in the morning your system is essentially clear of nicotine.

The destructive power of smoking is not the nicotine addiction, it’s the habit.

The addictive aspect of smoking is not mythical. It is real, and hypnosis will offer you tools to end it; but hypnosis and hypnotherapy are even more important for breaking the destructive habit of smoking.

Start with the probability that, if you have been hooked on tobacco for a long time, even the thought of quitting makes you anxious. Aa skilled hypnotherapist like Greg Thompson is trained and experienced in techniques to nip that anxiety in the bud. He also has the tools to derail any lingering withdrawal symptoms you might have.

Most of all, a competent hypnotherapist like Greg has many different techniques and approaches to combat the destructive habit of smoking. Every smoker has different reasons for having started using nicotine, and different needs that have kept the habit growing. A skilled hypnotherapist knows how to identify those reasons and needs, and can thus pick the approach that will work best for each individual smoker.

Hypnosis and hypnotherapy are increasingly recognised as the most effective way to beat the smoking habit. If it is time for you to quit smoking—and you know it is—then it is also time to give Greg a call.

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