Take a drug to cure a drug problem?

So here’s the situation.

You finally get past all the denial and admit to yourself that you have a drug problem. Your drug of choice?  Alcohol.

Your first thought is Alcoholics Anonymous, but a little reading makes you realise that it has a really poor success rate; and anyhow, who wants to go to all those meetings?

Next, you consider going to your family physician and getting a prescription for one of the latest wonder drugs. More reading—is the internet a great deal, or what?—and you discover that those wonder drugs aren’t all that wonderful. They have unpleasant, sometimes dangerous, side effects, and, once again, they really don’t work very well.

And, anyway, use a drug to beat a drug problem?

More and more people are beginning to discover a better way to deal with excessive drinking. Hypnosis and hypnotherapy offer a powerful weapon in the battle against alcohol abuse.

Hypnosis and hypnotherapy, as practised by skilled professionals like Greg Thompson in Gold Coast, are multifaceted tools. 

First of all, hypnosis attacks the physical aspect of alcohol dependence. When you stop drinking, especially if you have been a long-term, heavy alcohol imbiber, you will have withdrawal symptoms that go beyond a hangover, can last for days or weeks, and can be dangerous. Hypnosis attacks the symptoms directly and blocks them.

Most problem drinkers have other problems as well. They often suffer from such things as anxiety, depression, social phobias, social isolation, and anger. Hypnosis is a proven technique for dealing with these issues.

Drinking problems are also usually associated with poor self-esteem. You drink because the alcohol helps you forget that you don’t like yourself all that much—until, of course, you wake up the next morning.

So if you are concerned about your drinking, and looking to change things, don’t use a  drug to treat a drug. Consult with a skilled hypnotherapist like Greg Thompson. You have nothing to lose except your hangover.

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