Some Tip to Help Lose Weight

Working with a competent hypnotist is a great start for weight loss, but there are other things as well that you can do to keep yourself moving along the road to a health weight. We offered some tips earlier. Here are some more. They are easy to do, and will add power to your weight loss regimen.

Eat three meals a day, every day. Never skip a meal. You live in the twenty-first century, but your body still lives in the Stone Age, when there were no supermarkets, not even an occasional deli. People sometimes had to go without food for long periods of time. When that happened, their metabolisms slowed down to save energy by burning fewer calories. When you go long periods of time without eating, your body still thinks it is starving, and slows your metabolism down to save calories—not what you want to happen. Worse, if you don’t eat for a long time, you get really hungry, and are more likely to overeat at the next meal.

Fall in love with protein. A meal high in protein digests more slowly. It also triggers the production of less insulin, so you are less likely to develop insulin resistance, which is the precursor to Type 2 diabetes. Also, research has shown that when your daily diet is at least twenty-five percent protein, night-time snacking goes way down.

Brush your teeth. No one knows quite why this is, but brushing after every meal reduces the number of between-meal snacks you are likely to consume.

Toss in the hot stuff. Spicy food boosts the metabolism, so speed things up with black pepper, or even better, chili peppers.

Cook with coconut oil. It would be a sad thing to have to go without any fried food, but it helps if you avoid some cooking oils in favor of those that are better for you. Olive oil is good (for cold dishes). Avocado oil is even better, and has a very high smoke point to boot. Best of all is coconut oil, which appears to actually boost the body’s metabolic rate.

Increase your intake of fiber. Especially, ramp up your levels of what are called viscous fibers, such as glucomannan and psyllium, which you can find at a natural foods store. These are highly water soluble, so they swell up in the stomach and make you feel more full.

Take a walk. Right after whatever your biggest meal of the day is, get up, go outside, and take a walk. Brisk is better than slow, and long is better than short; but even a slow, fifteen-minute stroll is better than no walk at all.

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