Creating Happy Kids

Are your children causing you to doubt yourself and your parenting abilities?

Do you feel misunderstood, unable to connect, and tired of the endless consultations and dead ends?

Is it hard to express love because of everything you deal with every day?


There is a simple way to help your child become emotionally resilient, confident and loving, and it is called hypnosis.

It can help with..

 Adoption Issues
 Emotional Outbursts

 Lack of Respect
 Nail Biting
 Sleep Issues
 Speech Impediments
 Hearing Problems
 and more..

How does it work?

During your first session we discuss where your child is now, the specific issue/s you would like help with, and the foundations for resolving negative behaviour.

The first 8-12 weeks are known as the foundation stage. During this stage we will be working generally on your child’s self image and inner security.

During the second and third stages we will more directly address the specific problem area/s. It is not uncommon for the ‘issue/s’ to completely resolve itself in the foundation stage.

There are 3 face to face (or online) sessions normally spread over 5 months, and regular communication by phone or online to continually gauge your child’s progress.

How much does it cost?

Parents can spend thousands of dollars a year on various specialists.

The ‘SleepTalk’ Program is just $430

SleepTalk is a registered trademark of the Goulding Institute and developer Joane Goulding.
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