Group Hypnosis for Weight Loss

Would you like to lose weight with family or friends at a fraction of the price of one on one sessions?


Group Hypnosis for Weight Loss could be the answer…


 Bust the sugar and fat cravings
 Forget the constant yo-yo dieting
 Achieve your weight loss goals as a team
 Start enjoying a healthy amount of exercise
Improve the way you think, feel and behave


Group Hypnosis is perfect for people who want to lose weight but cannot afford one on one sessions. It is also for those who want to experience the difference hypnosis makes before committing to the one on one program.

What is the difference between Group Hypnosis and one on one?

The Benefits of Group Hypnosis Are;

 Group Goals & Support
 Breaking Simple Habits
 Effective at Addressing Surface Level Issues


The Benefits of One on One Are;

 Tailored Specifically to You
 Undivided Attention from your Hypnotherapist
 Better at Resolving Underlying or Deeper Issues
 Wider range of Hypnotic Techniques & Processes

How often and where is it held?

Sessions are held in Pacific Pines on the first Thursday of each month between 7-8pm.

(Venue details provided on successful booking)

How much does it cost?

$60 per session ($10 discount with coupon code ‘group hypnosis’)

(Participants are capped at 12 so please book ahead to avoid disappointment)

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