How To Quit Smoking Using Your Mind?


Here are four things you can do right now that will greatly improve your chance of quitting.

First, think about all the reasons you want to stop smoking. Forget why other people think you should quit smoking. It’s important that you have your own reasons. No one can make you do anything you don’t want to do, including a hypnotist or a hypnotherapist.

When asked to do this most people will tend to focus on all the bad things they don’t want, like… I don’t want cancer, I don’t want the cough, I don’t want to stink anymore, or I’m embarrassed. Although these things can motivate you at first they will not keep you motivated. These are what I call ‘Away From Goals’. They are the things you don’t want. You need to write this list of all the things you DO WANT, your ‘Move Towards Goals’ like… I want to smell good, I want to be healthy, I want to feel proud.

Write down at least half a dozen of these using as many of the 5 senses as possible. Stick it on your bathroom mirror, your steering wheel, your desk at work. Now, every time you see the list, stop, look at the list, and read it. Read it slowly, and out loud, and with feeling. This way you are doing your own hypnotherapy.

Next, work out what you get out of smoking. For some people this is a hard one. I sometimes hear “There is nothing good about smoking” I always challenge this! Your subconscious mind is always trying to do whats best for you, and this is also true for smokers.

A smokers subconscious knows that in order to escape, have 5 minutes alone, some thinking space, some chill time. There is a sure way… A cigarette.

The thing is… taking time out, relaxing or rewarding yourself are not bad things. In fact it is imperative that you find new ways to take a break, go outside, or get whatever you used to get from smoking, but as a non-smoker.

Next, identify your smoking triggers. The morning coffee, with a beer, after a meal, out with friends. In the short term it may be easier to avoid certain things or do them differently. It is not a bad idea to lay off the grog for a couple of weeks, change the way you make your coffee or move the kettle, sit somewhere else at the dinner table. Consider your triggers and do something to avoid or change them.

Finally, have you ever wondered how smoking relaxes you even though you know it doesn’t? It is partially because you are just breathing deeply. You are being present to your breathe.  Breathing deeply is a gateway into hypnosis. Every couple of hours take 3-5 minutes to just breathe. Just think about breathing. Force yourself to stop whatever you are doing, go outside, and fill your lungs. Deep, slow breathing.

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