The power of the altered state

Most professional hypnotists and hypnotherapists are wedded to the idea that hypnosis is an altered state of consciousness, one that is very different from everyday wakefulness, and yet not at all rare.

The fact is that all of us experience hypnosis all the time, whether we mean it or not. When you are daydreaming, you are in an altered state. When you are at a play and have no sense of the time passing, you are in that state. When you are on the playing field, and get banged up, and don’t notice the pain until after the game is over, you are in an altered state.

Hypnosis is simply what you call it when you go into that altered state on purpose.

Either way, you are taking a step back from your conscious mind and entering the realm of the unconscious, which is what gives that altered state—whether you enter it deliberately or spontaneously—its power.

The unconscious exists at many levels, and we can use hypnosis to connect with that altered state on all those levels.

There is the physical level. When you practice a motor skill over and over again, it eventually becomes automatic. It is unconscious. You perform the skills without thinking.

Another level of your unconscious involves memory. There is a part of your mind that stores every thought, feeling, and experience you have had since birth, and even before birth. Hypnosis allows you access to those memories.

On a deeper level, there are the memories that have been repressed. These are things that have caused you pain, and your mind has tucked them away and placed barriers there so that you do not have to feel that pain. But in order to resolve those things, you need to be able to get back in touch with the traumatic event. Hypnosis allows you to do that in a safe way.

When you are faced with the desire or need to open the door to your unconscious mind, that’s the time to connect with a skilled professional hypnotherapist. In Gold Coast, that means Greg Thompson.

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