Pain Management

Stop Suffering Through the Use of Hypnosis

Imagine, if you will, a medicine that has the ability to relieve arthritis, joint pain, migraines, and neck aches, backaches and virtually any agony that is thought to be felt locally. In 1970, J. R. Hildegard’s groundbreaking research revealed that pain is actually experienced not locally, but within the brain. His studies with amputees reported that they were experiencing pain in the foot even though the foot had been amputated. Neurological science describes in great detail how pain is transferred to the brain. There is little doubt among the scientific and medical community that the brain is the place where we experience pain. Why is this important? Because we have the capability to affect the brain’s interpretation of pain messages through the use of hypnosis and the ability to affect the body’s response.

Pain vs. Suffering

The sensation of pain is a very useful and important survival mechanism. It alerts us to problems that need to be dealt with in an expedient fashion. For example, the bleeding from a gaping cut must be stopped as soon as possible, otherwise, we are in danger of losing too much blood and bleeding to death. However, once the throbbing pain of arthritis has alerted us to the condition, the continual pain messaging to the brain does little good. In fact, the opposite is true. We know that it creates needless suffering, raises our blood pressure, inhibits our ability to think rationally and lowers our immune system. Clearly, we need to retain the ability to feel pain while simultaneously reducing the amount of suffering that we experience.

The Best Medicine

Why do virtually all clinical studies include a control group? The answer is, to control for the placebo effect. Twenty percent of the general population will show signs of improvement if they believe they have been given a powerful medication to make them well which is the same percentage of the general population reported to be somnambulistic, i.e. very easily hypnotised. Placebo cost nothing, it has no side effects and it works. A placebo is a form of hypnosis and it has been called the best medicine. The eighty percent of the population that doesn’t respond positively to placebo could be helped by a more direct application of the logical principles of hypnosis.

Real Medicine Produced by the Brain

Scientific studies have shown that the brain has the power to produce a chemical known as dynorphin, from the family of chemicals known as endorphins. Dynorphin is estimated to be two hundred times more powerful than morphine. When it is produced through hypnosis, the chemical is made in just the right dosage for your body.

Greg at Moving Minds Hypnotherapy Gold Coast has been trained to suspend your critical mind and to convince your unconscious mind to produce this safe but powerful chemical. The result is to stop or greatly reduce the needless suffering which you have been experiencing.

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