Keep that New Year’s resolution with hypnosis

In your lifetime, long or short, how many New Year’s resolutions do you reckon you have made?
How many have you kept? And for how long?
This year, things will be different, because you are going to do something different.
You are going to schedule an appointment with a competent hypnotist—in Gold Coast think Greg Thompson.
Hypnosis is a powerful tool for changing behavior. It can help you block out negative thoughts and feelings and boost your belief in yourself. It can cancel cravings and give you the strength to control impulsive behaviors. It can help you alter your self-image; you won’t say, be quitting smoking, you will become a non-smoker, which is very different.
Once you go into a trance, the hypnotist will be talking to you, using the power of suggestion. Often you will create a vivid ‘future’ memory of having already achieved your goal. This gives you not only the memory of what it is like having already attained your goal but the emotional leverage of how good/proud/confident you feel now that you have. For example if there was a part of you that now believes that you have been a non-smoker for an entire year, you are less likely to fall back into those old habits. You haven’t smoked in a whole year, why would you bother starting again?
That is where you get to pitch in.
Before you go for that first hypnotic session, make a written list that includes:
What do you want to accomplish; what is the resolution you want to keep?
Why that particular resolution?
What will feel the best about successfully keeping that resolution?
Who are the people who love and care for you, and who will be rooting for your success?
What are your mental and emotional strengths?
What are specific times and places where you faced a difficult task, or challenge, and you succeeded?
How did that feel, in you mind and in your gut?
Take that list in with you at your first hypnosis session with Greg. He will use the best parts of it to tailor your session and guide you to success in keeping your resolution.
And have a happy New Year.

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