Is Hypnosis Safe?

A commonly asked question. Is hypnosis safe?

If you are having problems in life—maybe you want to stop smoking, or you need to lose weight, or you’ve been dealing with stress, for instance—you may have heard good things about hypnosis.

However, you may also have heard concerns about how safe it is. Could sitting down in that hypnotist’s chair be risky? Could you wind up leaving with more problems, or worse ones, than you came in with?

Here’s the truth. Of all the tools you could think of using to make needed changes in your life, hypnosis and hypnotherapy are among the safest. Professionals use hypnosis to deal with physical and mental pain. Hypnosis is used to sharpen skills, hone talents, and boost motivation, to study for exams. Hypnosis is powerful and safe.

One of the primary reasons that hypnosis is safe is this—all hypnosis is essentially self-hypnosis, despite the stage-hypnotist image of a charismatic puppet master who puts you into a trance and makes you quack like a duck.

The reality is that when you go into a trance you are on a journey of your own devising. The hypnotist is only a guide, someone who will offer suggestions about where you can go, and what you can accomplish. You are the one in charge. You decide if you are going into a trance. You decide when you are going into a trance. You decide what you will do while you are in a trance. You are the boss.

It may not always feel like you are the boss. In a deep trance, your unconscious takes over while your conscious mind goes on a short vacation. But your unconscious mind, after all, is still an aspect of you, and even in the deepest trance, there is always a part of your mind that stays close to the surface, a hidden observer, in touch and aware of what is going on. That hidden observer will not let you go anywhere you are not ready to go.

In the meantime, here are two things to help you be sure that your hypnosis sessions will be both safe and effective.

First, have a clear idea of what you need and want to gain from hypnosis.

Second, pick a trained, competent professional hypnotist. In Gold Coast, think Greg Thompson.

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