Is Hypnosis Safe?


Is there something you’d like to change in your life? Perhaps stop smoking, or lose weight, control anxiety, or ease depression? You’ve probably heard good things about hypnosis.

But, maybe you also have concerns about how safe it is. Could sitting down in that hypnotist’s chair be risky? Could you wind up leaving with more problems than you came in with? Perhaps you just finished watching the movie ‘Get Out’ and are worried that you could be turned into a slave and taken advantage of.

Here’s the truth. You cannot be made to go against your morals and values. Even if your hypnosis experience was so deep you couldn’t remember it. Your subconscious mind always wants whats best for you. Even when it is doing the ‘wrong’ thing.

Take smoking for example. If you are a smoker, your subconscious mind knows that the quickest way to relaxation is a cigarette. Say you are addicted to sugar, sugar gives you a feel good. Your subconscious is just trying to help you relax and feel good. Hypnosis can be used to reprogram your subconscious mind with healthier ways to achieve relaxation or feel good.

When you go into a trance you are on a journey of your own making. The hypnotist is a guide, someone who offers suggestions about where to go, and what you can accomplish. You are the one in charge. You decide if you are go into trance. You decide when you are going into trance. You decide what you will do while in trance.

It may not always feel like you are in charge. In a deep trance, your subconscious mind takes over and your conscious mind checks out. But your unconscious mind, is still you, and even in the deepest trance you are aware and in touch and aware of what is going on.

Two things to consider for a successful hypnotherapy session are. First, have an idea of what you need to change and you want to gain from hypnosis. Second, pick a qualified and experienced hypnotherapist. Unfortunately there are people that have done very little training and/or have little or no experience. Ring and ask questions. Speak with them, use your common sense and your intuition (gut instinct). Your intuition is your subconscious mind way of guiding you to make the best decision.

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