Interpreting Dreams With Hypnosis

Dream Interpretation Through Hypnosis

Sigmund Freud famously said, “Dreams are the royal road to the unconscious.” The human mind is an amazing computer that works 24/7 to solve our problems. Even while sleeping, the unconscious mind continues to work to resolve our most pressing issues. Dreams are wish fulfillment, either conscious or repressed. Since many of our primary concerns are quite disturbing in nature, the unconscious mind disguises them by distorting the symbols. If it does not, we will experience nightmares and awaken disturbed without true insight into the nature of our fears. In order to unlock the secret code of our dreams, it is necessary to understand some of the ways in which our dreams are distorted.


This is the tendency of the unconscious mind to substitute one thing for another. For example, a person who is experiencing anxiety about their job and financial security might wander through a strange city looking for a specific address on Easy Street. Consciously, he or she may have repressed this fear of being inadequate in their job or being fired. Under hypnosis, the remembering of this detail can provide the clue that can lead to a realisation that changing their career is in order.


Often our dreams will appear to us like a movie. We are the main character and we observe ourselves in a third person kind of way. Perhaps, we are transported back to a simpler place and time to which we wish to return. We can become the hero or heroine in our dreams overcoming obstacles or suffering defeat. This type of dream can encourage or empower us, or be very discouraging.


Sometimes in dreams, two characters may merge into one, or one character may transform into another. In your dream, you may be playing with a cute and affectionate kitten, in the next instance, it transforms into a vicious animal. This could be indicative of your concern about the duality of a specific person, perhaps your wife or husband.


This is the tendency to transfer a behaviour from one thing to another less threatening thing. In the case of a person who is feeling repressed anger towards someone in his or her life, they might dream about smashing the television set. This is less threatening to your image than committing an act of physical violence against another person.

The unconscious mind holds the key to those unrecognisable symbols and it has been proven time and time again that a skilled hypnotherapist can assist the client in unlocking these secrets, thus aiding in resolving primary concerns and fears. A skillful hypnotherapist can help provide insight and post-hypnotic suggestions to aid the client in experiencing a greater occurrence of empowering and problem-solving dreams.

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