Insomnia Remedy

From Insomnia to Deep Sleep Through Hypnosis

It is natural for humans to have difficulty sleeping from time to time. Inability to sleep often can be contributed to physical causes like too much caffeine, exercising before bed, overstimulation, eating too much, too hot, too cold, too noisy or too light. If a person has determined that their inability to sleep is not triggered by any of the previously listed conditions, the next most common cause is a busy or overactive mind. The French have an expression “entre chien et loup”, which loosely translated means the hour of the wolf. That time of night in which the worries and problems of the day keep nipping at your heels, preventing you from enjoying the restful sleep you need. Often times this is a temporary condition which will correct itself as soon as these worrisome issues are resolved. However, in cases when resolution of the problems does not lead to peaceful healthy sleep hypnotherapy for insomnia is a viable solution with a track record of success.

Emotional Causes of Hypnosis

Insomnia may be caused by fears and regrets about the past, feelings of guilt, fear of loss of control or even death. It could be based upon a trauma that one has experienced or an irrational belief such as the conviction that if you fall asleep you will be attacked or simply never re-awaken. One might have the feeling that there is too much left to accomplish before sleep should occur. A pre-session with your hypnotherapist should be able to bring light to these types of issues in order to cure your insomnia. If any of these concerns are discovered the reasons should be acknowledged consciously in order for the hypnotist to make the appropriate post-hypnotic suggestions.

The Natural Remedy

The good news is that the process of the progressive relaxation induction is therapeutic in and of itself. Frequently, with or even without the suggestion of tranquil, deep and satisfying sleep, this is exactly what occurs after experiencing a hypnotic induction. As a result, insomnia is one of the easiest and most successful therapies that a professional hypnotist can administer. In addition, the hypnotherapist can make direct and indirect suggestions to sleep soundly, deeply and peacefully through the night. Since sleep is part of the natural survival programing of our unconscious mind these suggestions will most likely be accepted uncritically into the sub conscious mind.

A sequitur approach to moving from insomnia to deep sleep is to eliminate the physical causes, evaluate the possibility of this unrest being stimulated by an overactive or worried mind, and to explore the likelihood that emotional reasons or an irrational belief are at the root of the difficulty. The final step is to enjoy the relaxing letting go during a hypnotic induction and to allow the subconscious mind to experience the restorative sleep that you need and deserve.

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