Hypnotic Abilities..

There is a growing awareness of hypnosis as a tool to take things that have gone wrong and fix them; but not as many people realise that hypnosis is also a great tool for doing good stuff even better.

Take renowned Swiss adventurer Andre Piccard, for example. Piccard—his grandfather was a balloonist and his father an undersea explorer—along with British pilot Brian Jones, made the first round-the-world balloon trip, some forty-six thousand kilometers non-stop, in 1999. Last year he went one better. He and fellow Swiss Andre Borschberg flew the solar-powered airplane Solar Impulse around the world.

Piccard did the piloting on the leg across the Atlantic Ocean—more than three days in the air, no stopping, and almost no sleeping.

How did he do that? How did he get the most out of the little sleep he managed, and stay focused, dealing with winds, staying on course, when he was awake?

He used hypnosis.

Piccard’s day job is being a psychiatrist. He is also a trained hypnotist. He used self-hypnosis to keep himself functioning on that long, long flight.

Piccard’s feat offers a good example of how you can use hypnosis to do the things you do every day, but do them better.

For instance, are you going to school, or studying an acting role, or learning to play an instrument? Learning always requires focus, concentration, and memorisation—all things you will do better if you have the skill of self-hypnosis.

Athletic skills also get a boost from the use of hypnosis. If you are an athlete, you probably already know the value of mental rehearsing. Doing that while you are in a light trance makes it even more effective. Plus, with hypnosis you will be able to work longer and harder, with better results. With some sports, you can even compete in a trance.

So if you have a task to accomplish, or a skill to learn, or a talent to polish, think of making your first step a call to a, trained clinical hypnotist—in Gold Coast think Greg Thompson—to learn the hypnotic skills that will make a difference.

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