Hypnotherapy is a pain fighter

Most physical pain is temporary. Bumps and bruises usually don’t amount to much. Even broken bones, sprains, and serious gashes heal over time.

Chronic pain is different. It is disabling in many cases. This is the pain that comes with severe arthritis and other joint disorders, with cancer, with cluster headaches and migraine, or Crohn’s disease.

It does not go away, and it has a major negative impact on your life. It impairs your ability to function day to day. It affects relationships negatively. It can lead to social isolation. It can cost your job. Even at best, it takes the joy out of life.

Sadly, conventional medicine has few answers to the curse of chronic pain. It mainly attempts to help by prescribing drugs, which ironically has led to an explosion of opiate addiction in many countries. And because such drugs are habituating, they lose their effectiveness, so that people need higher doses as time passes.

Is there a better way? Yes!

Hypnosis has been used for centuries to fight pain. It fell out of favour after opiate drugs came into the picture because the drugs were simple and fast to administer. Now, more professionals are turning their attention back to hypnosis, which works and offers permanent pain relief.

Hypnosis works in a number of ways.

Chronic pain is associated, not surprisingly, with chronic muscle tension. Hypnosis has a strong relaxing effect.

The hypnotic trance state allows you to step away from any sensation. In a trance, you simply do not feel pain; and almost everyone can learn in a few sessions how to slip into a trance at will.

When you hurt, your body tenses up, and tension increases the pain. It also makes you anxious, which leads to more tension, and you enter a vicious cycle of increasing pain. Hypnosis stops that cycle.

So if your body is giving you problems, this is the time to connect with a skilled hypnotherapist. In Gold Coast, that means Greg Thompson.

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