Why does hypnosis work so well?

Hypnosis works. The fact that you are reading this means that you probably already have figured that out.

Hypnosis works to help smokers quit tobacco, to help people shed kilos they don’t want, to combat pain and block anxiety, and to sharpen all kinds of skills and abilities.

What makes it work so well?

First of all, it is based on a positive, not a negative. Conventional medicine starts with the assumption that something is wrong with you, and the physician’s job is to fix it. A skilled hypnotherapist like Greg Thompson in Gold Coast understands that the real task is not to fix something that’s broken but to identify and strengthen the powers you possess and help you learn to use them for healing and improvement.

That leads to the next fact:  you are the one in charge. Conventional physicians are trying to do something to you. Hypnosis allows you to do the job yourself. A conventional physician is a fixer, but you are not an auto in need of repair. A skilled hypnotist is a partner, who works with you, not on you.

Hypnosis is an altered state. It allows you to step away from your everyday habits and behaviours. It opens a door to your unconscious and allows you to examine and deal with even traumatic things in a calm, productive manner. It allows you to focus intently, with no distractions, on the things you need to deal with and pay attention to.

Hypnosis lets you change your mind about what is possible, and allows you to do things that you otherwise would not believe you can do—like numbing a painful part of your body, or not noticing even the strongest cravings for a cigarette or a candy bar.

The point is that you have many skills and talents, some of which you know about, and some of which you have never dreamed of. Hypnosis allows you to locate those, take hold of them, sharpen them, and use them to improve and heal your body and mind.

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