Hypnosis Myths

Hypnosis, the Misunderstood Science

The scientific phenomenon of hypnosis has such remarkable powers to affect positive change in human behaviour that it has been viewed as magical. In fact, it has been presented as a supernatural experience by many practitioners of the art. In 1773, Anton Mesmer beguiled the French Aristocracy by claiming that the stars, the planets affected people by influencing an unseen fluid distilled by him through lodestone. He concocted The Theory of Animal Magnetism. The French courtiers believed it and were attracted in mass by this charismatic man. They were charmed into feeling better and, indeed, the word mesmerize came from his name. Parisians believed that the power sprang forth from the stars as controlled by this mystical man, never realising that the real power was within them, arising from their own belief and faith. This would not be the first or last misconception with regard to hypnosis. In this article, a few of the most common myths with regard to hypnosis will be explored.

Hypnosis is Sleep

The early verbiage of hypnosis has led to this erroneous belief. The image of a hypnotist using a swinging pocket watch for an eye fascination while saying, “You are getting sleepy; when I count from three to zero, you will fall into a deep sleep,” leaves us with the understandable impression that hypnosis is sleep. While there are similarities, the differences are many. When we sleep, awareness is suspended, while in hypnosis awareness is intensified. In hypnosis, the subject can and does respond to suggestions, not so with sleep. Physiologically, the heart rate, lung functioning, and blood circulation are closer to waking state than the sleeping state. If sleeping and hypnotism were the same experiences, hypnotism would be superfluous.

Hypnotism is Only for Weak-minded People

Some people believe that intellect and personal power of the hypnotist overwhelm and control the weaker minded subject. In reality, quite the opposite is true. Hypnosis is created by cooperation between the subject and the hypnotist, and the more intelligent and imaginative the client, the more powerful the impact of the hypnotic session.

The Danger of Not Awakening from the Hypnotic State

This is, of course, a false concern. There is no danger of this occurring. When the subject becomes uncomfortable with the process, they will quite naturally abrogate or awaken. Otherwise, the session will end when the hypnotist suggests it is over, or through relaxation, the patron actually will fall into a natural sleep from which they will naturally awake.

At Moving Minds Hypnotherapy Gold Coast, we want you to know that the session belongs to you. Whether your goal is weight loss, to reduce anxiety, stress relief, smoking cessation or any of our other therapies, you control your thoughts. The suggestions come from your goals as expressed to the hypnotists. In cooperation with your hypnotist, you can quickly and enjoyably accomplish your goals.

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