Hypnosis Improves Introspection

How Hypnosis Improves Introspection

Perhaps you have had the experience of someone asking you a question that you could not answer. Possibly, the response was not very important, and it really didn’t matter. Yet, you felt compelled, even driven, to answer the inquiry. This is because our unconscious mind is geared to provide solutions to the questions we ask. If you allow yourself to be aware of the inner working of your mind, you will discover that your brain is a question generating machine. Every second of every day, your thought process is being bombarded by questions. Why did that driver cut me off? Why is she so happy today? What does my boss want to talk to me? The way in which a question is asked determines the quality of the answer. Basically, there are only negative and positive questions.

Negative Questions

Unfortunately, most of us ask a lot more negative questions than positive ones. For example, if you ask yourself, “Why am I so fat?” your brain might come up with because you are constantly eating candy and you never exercise. Since that is a reasonable answer, you will accept it and move to another question. If you ask, “Why is my energy level so low?”, your subconscious mind might answer because you stay up all night playing video games. If you say to yourself, “Why does nobody like me?”, and your answer is because I am stupid, ugly and I have a bad personality, you could have some self-esteem issues.

Positive Questions

Let’s revisit the three previously mentioned issues of being overweight, low energy, and loneliness. The answer to the question, “How can I lose weight?”, might become by not eating candy, starting to eat healthy foods in just the right amount. The question, “How can I increase my energy level?” is answered by exercising, eating healthy foods and getting lots of sleep. Your mind might summarise you could make more friends by being friendlier or joining a club. No doubt, your subconscious will get busy suggesting possibilities. There are endless variations to the questions you could ask, such as “Why do my friends like me? What makes me feel energised? What will I do when I lose all the weight I desire?”

A competent hypnotherapist can give you a post-hypnotic suggestion to be aware of your intrinsic dialogue and to change negative questions to positive ones. Simply by asking better questions, you will enjoy improved outcomes.

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