Hypnosis helps you get ready for surgery

When you have a bit of surgery coming down the road, you will typically plan for it, and do things to get ready—tell friends and family, and arrange for time off from work, for instance.

A really good way to prepare is to schedule time with a skilled professional hypnotherapist, someone like Greg Thompson in Gold Coast.

This will get you ready in several different ways.

First is hypnotic anaesthesia. Now, it’s true, that unless your situation is quite unusual, you will undergo chemical anaesthesia prior to the surgery. But hypnotic self-anaesthesia, which a skilled hypnotherapist can train you in, will make everything go better. Your anesthesiologist will need to use as heavy a drug dose. Also, research has shown that patients under hypnotic anaesthesia bleed less during surgery, recover more quickly, heal faster, and have less pain after the surgery thus requiring less pain medication.

In addition, unless you are a very unusual sort, you are going to be anxious as you get ready to go under the knife. After all, there really is no such thing as minor surgery. All surgical procedures carry risk, and no doubt your friends and family will make sure that you know that. That anxiety causes physical and emotional tension, and that tension makes the surgery more difficult, and more prone to complications. Here is where hypnosis comes to the rescue again. It is a powerful tool for dealing with anxiety.

Hypnosis does take time, however, so don’t put things off. If you see surgery coming down the road, now is the time to make an appointment with a competent hypnotherapist like Greg Thompson to get ready. You will learn the techniques and skills that will carry you through the experience and leave you healing faster.

Make that appointment now.

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