Hypnosis: the best way to stop smoking

The internet is loaded with offers of  “infallible” ways to kick the smoking habit.  They show up in magazines, too, not to mention radio and television.

With all of those techniques available, some of them offered at a very low price, why connect with a professional hypnotist like Greg Thompson in Gold Coast?

First, although hypnotic sessions with Greg may cost a little more than some, certainly not all, of the other approaches, it still costs far less than what even a light smoker spends in Australia for cigarettes.

You could try nicotine replacement patches or gum, but those have two drawbacks. First, you are still loading up on nicotine, maintaining your addiction. Second, the research shows that they don’t actually work for most people over the long run.

Another option is a prescription drug like Champix or Zyban, but now the disadvantages multiply. These drugs are super-pricey. They don’t work any better for most people than nicotine replacement gadgets. More importantly, they come with a huge array of side effects—nausea, headaches, vomiting, low energy, sleep problems, and, in the case of Zyban, obesity and reduced sex drive.

Hypnosis? The main side effect is relaxation and calmness.

A major problem for smokers, of course, is craving cigarettes. Hypnosis nips the craving in the bud. One of the things Greg will teach you early one is how to slip into a quiet, comfortable trance, and when you are in a trance, even a very light one, you simply cannot feel cravings. And although cravings can be powerful when they are not dealt with, they have an Achilles heel; every time you don’t give in to them, they get a little weaker. Over time, they simply disappear.

Last, no matter the reason you first began to smoke, you have any number of reasons for continuing. Many things—anger, unhappiness, anxiety, boredom, relationship problems, you name it—can trigger the urge for a cigarette. A skilled hypnotherapist like Greg Thompson will help you identify those underlying issues and deal with them.

So have not doubts; hypnosis is the choice to make.

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