Is your hunger fake or real?

There are two kinds of hunger—real and fake. A competent hypnotist guiding you toward your goal of losing unwanted weight will give you tools to deal with both.

Real hunger comes from your body. It’s what you feel when you really need nutrition when your stomach has been empty for too long and is crying out to be fed. Once you feed your body what it needs, real hunger goes away for the time being.

Fake hunger is, quite literally, all in your mind. It can show up whether your stomach is empty or full, and it has nothing to do with nutrition.

Real hunger has only one trigger—your body’s need for calories, lovely little molecules of fat, starch, and protein that combine to form the building blocks of your body’s cell structure.

Fake hunger can have any number of triggers, all mental or emotional. Fake hunger occurs because, as you were growing up—this process almost always begins in early childhood—you learned, maybe accidentally or perhaps from a parent’s example and encouragement—that eating could make you feel better.

Are you frightened or anxious? Have a cookie. It will make you feel better. In fact, have two cookies. In fact, eat the whole box.

Did the boss just tear you down in front of all your coworkers? No problem. Take a quick break and find a doughnut.

Did you just find out that some of your friends are having a party, and no one invited you? Just remember that there is a brand-new carton of ice cream in the freezer. Maybe if you eat the whole thing, missing the party will hurt less.

Or, maybe it is time to get in touch with a competent hypnotherapist, like Greg Thompson in Gold Coast, who will have the skill to guide you away from fake hunger, help you ease real hunger pangs—that will be necessary at first because your body has been conditioned to overeat—and empower your ability to reach a healthy weight and stay there.

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