How Does Hypnosis Work?

More and more people are realising that hypnosis works, and it can help in many areas of life. Experienced hypnotists and hypnotherapists help people lose weight, stop smoking, manage chronic pain, control anxiety and ease depression, among many other things.

Unlike many conventional allopathic specialists, hypnotherapist hold the view is that nothing is broken, you are simply not using the inner strengths and abilities you were born with. The hypnotist’s job is to help you find your inner resources to allow change to happen naturally.

Using hypnosis you create an altered state of consciousness. Similar to watching a good movie or read a good book your state of awareness changes and you become totally absorbed in what you are watching or reading. An experienced hypnotherapist helps you aim that focus where you need it.

Being in a trance also lets you ignore your conditioned sense of what is or isn’t possible, and become more open to other ways of thinking and behaving. For example, it doesn’t seem logical that you could use your mind to numb a painful part of your body, until you know how to do it. Or, that you could learn a powerful lesson from your hands, or have deep insights spontaneously without really knowing how you came to it.. Until you do.

With hypnosis you can disassociate from past events, allowing you to reduce the emotional affect while leaving the learnings intact. This alone has allowed many people free themselves from the past and create a positive happy future.

Finally, with hypnosis you are in charge. It isn’t a thing the hypnotist does to you, but something the hypnotist helps you do for yourself. Despite what you may see on TV or stage shows you cannot be made to do or say anything you don’t want to do.

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