How Deep Should You Go?

Three Stages of Hypnosis

Traditionally, hypnosis has been viewed as having three distinct and separate stages. The question often arises which stage is the best. The general consensus of opinion is the deeper the stage the better. However, we find in the practical application that all stages of hypnosis can be useful and effective in establishing and reinforcing good habits. In addition, these stages often overlap with one stage leading to another. It is possible to move from light to medium to deep hypnosis or to move between the stages. While clearly there is no one level of hypnosis appropriate for every different type of session, still it is interesting to have a general understanding of the three stages.

Light Hypnosis

Typically, a person in light hypnosis may feel drowsy, but may not believe that he or she is in fact in a state of hypnosis. This person has complete awareness of the surroundings, the words being used and nuances of lighting, sound, smell, and sensation. Often this person may feel very relaxed and comfortable and will comply with simple suggestions, but not those of a more complicated type. The hypnotist may observe the physical manifestations of a drooping head, deep, regular breathing; the client will retain the ability to be distracted by outside influences. Even during a light trance your hypnosis session can be very effective.

Medium Hypnosis

During medium hypnosis, the subject does not resist compliance and will quickly and willingly comply with suggestions. He or she has the ability to hear, understand and to relive suggestions. Sensory propositions are readily accepted and experienced. Those sensory proposals can quite easily be removed by suggestion. Light amnesia may be introduced at this stage. The subject can experience significant pain relief. The physical manifestations of profound relaxation and regular breathing are a bit more pronounced. Almost anything which can be accomplished in hypnosis can be achieved during the medium stage.

Deep Hypnosis

In this stage, the relaxation is so deep and profound and the subject may be hesitant or unable to respond quickly to suggestions as they did in the medium stage. This is a very useful stage for the induction of anesthesia for major surgery. The physical manifestation of this stage is profound relaxation to the point of immobilisation. The ability to be distracted by outside influences is extinguished.

The Greg at Moving Minds Hypnotherapy Gold Coast has the ability to guide you to the appropriate stage of hypnosis. The stage of hypnosis will vary depending on your goals and your individualised therapy. Hypnosis like most other things become easier with practice. It is common for people upon their ensuing inductions to enter deeper stages of hypnosis.

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