The Golden Rule: Do No Harm

In all the healing disciplines, there is a golden rule:

Do no harm.

In some disciplines, that rule is sometimes only aspirational. Surgeries can go wrong. Mistakes with medication can result in the wrong pill or an overdose. An improper chiropractic manipulation can cause an injury.

But when you walk into the office of Gold Coast hypnotherapist Greg Thompson, the Do No Harm rule always applies. If you have not experienced hypnosis before, you may not be convinced that it will help you; but you can be sure that it will not harm you.

Why is that? What makes hypnosis, which is such a powerful tool that more and more people are turning to it for help, such a safe tool?

The safety comes from the fact that all hypnosis, whether you are in only a light trance or your hypnotherapist guides you into a much deeper state, works with your inner mind, your unconscious; and your unconscious is, among other things, your protector.

Your unconscious is the part of your mind that knows everything there is to know about you. It contains all your memories. It holds all the wisdom you possess, both from your own experiences and that universal wisdom that is built into your genes. It knows what is good for you, what works for you, as well as what might harm you. It knows your strengths and weaknesses.

Most important, your unconscious watches out for you. There is a part of your inner mind that is a hidden observer of everything going on inside you and around you. When your hypnotherapist guides you into a trance, that hidden observer is paying attention. If the hypnotherapist starts to take you someplace you are not ready to go, your hidden observer will alert you, and snap you right out of your trance.

So if you need one more reason to give Greg Thompson in Gold Coast a call, think of that golden rule.

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