How to have a positive self-image about being fat

Evidence is growing that hypnosis and hypnotherapy are effective ways to lose weight, and getting in touch with a competent clinical hypnotist—in Gold Coast that means calling Greg Thompson—will start you on the way to shedding your fat. But even after a series of powerful hypnotic sessions, you will still have issues to work on.

A major issue is self-image.

When you are overweight, especially if you are a lot overweight and have been that way for a long time, that becomes your picture of yourself. That can make it hard to believe that you can actually lose weight and keep it off, especially if you have tried and failed in the past.

On top of that, losing weight takes time. Not even the most powerful hypnosis will make you slender overnight. If you work at it in a healthy way, you will lose about a kilogram a week; and there will be weeks when no weight comes off.

That means that, especially in the early stages, you won’t see any difference when you look in the mirror. After the first week, the mirror will show the same you. The result will be pretty much the same the second and third weeks, especially if you start the process with a lot of pounds to shed.

But don’t lose heart. At the end of the fourth week your mirror will begin to show a difference. It will be something small at first—that double chin will be getting firmer, your belt will be a little looser, or your fingers will look slimmer. Whatever it is, it will feel good.

You will still have a long way to go, and there will still be food everywhere, tempting you to give in to bad old habits.

Here’s a thing you can do to keep yourself on track:

Just before you begin your hypnotic sessions, take two photographs of yourself, or have someone take them for you—one from the front, and one in profile. Put them up on the wall, side by side.

Four weeks after your hypnotic sessions, take two more photos, same poses, and tack them up right next to the first pair.

Two weeks later, do another set of pictures, and then keep up that routine until you have reached your goal weight.

Doing this, you will be able to see yourself getting slimmer. After all, the camera doesn’t lie. (Okay, no Photoshopping allowed here.) It will give you a major boost, psychologically and emotionally; and it will demonstrate that you had the stubbornness and confidence to do something really good for yourself.

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