Enjoy Life!

Enjoy Life More Through Hypnosis

Life can be hectic and filled with problems and responsibilities. At times, we may feel as if we have more burdens than we can bear. Each of us has important roles that we must play: son/daughter, husband/wife, brother/sister, employee/employer and parent to name a few. It may seem as if we have little time for pleasure, always rushing here and there to put out the next brush fire. It is no wonder that so many of us have forgotten how to enjoy life. Perhaps we even feel guilty for our moments of gratification. We have coined the phrase, “guilty pleasure”. First, it is important for us to realise that finding more joy enhances all areas of our life. Our work, our relationships and our ability to cope effectively with problems improve when we add more satisfaction to our lives. As children, most of us knew how to play and laugh and take pleasure in the small things that are available to us each day. This article is written for those that feel a need to increase the happiness of our daily lives.

Barriers and Bridges to Enjoyment

The Roman orator Cicero said, “A happy life begins with the tranquility of the mind”. The major barrier to our enjoyment is our feelings of stress and worry. Stress can be a positive thing which motivates us to accomplish worthwhile tasks and goals, but it can also be debilitating at times. Hypnosis can serve as a bridge that allows us to travel safely and easily from stress to tranquility. The ability to recognise undesirable stress and to suspend it for a time is an invaluable skill. Fortunately, it is one that can be learned. Hypnosis, like any other skill, improves with practice. Greg at Moving Minds Hypnotherapy Gold Coast can help you to create this bridge in your imagination and give you skills to travel the road from anxiety to peacefulness.

Beyond Stress Relief

If all that hypnosis achieved was stress relief, it would be no different than meditation. Fortunately, hypnosis can go beyond stress relief and reconnect you to all the things that you once found to be pleasurable. All pleasure is perceived in your imagination which is the domain of the subconscious mind. Experiencing pleasure like any other skill is enhanced by practice and it can be effectively practiced in the mind.

Our memories are a treasure trove of enjoyment. Remember a time when you laughed uncontrollably, or when you were with someone you loved and truly felt secure, when you did a kind deed for someone, or when you received an unexpected kindness from another person. Your hypnotherapist can guide you to once again enjoy these memories in your subconscious mind. He can give you a post-hypnotic suggestion to re-experience these joyful moments anytime you wish and to learn to recognise and experience satisfaction in the many future moments that will be available to you.

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