Eating When You’re Not Hungry | Hypnotherapy for Weight Loss

When you were a toddler, you were not overweight. It’s a fact that up until about the age of two, children don’t overeat. No matter how much food you put on the average young child’s plate, he or she will eat just what the body needs, and no more.

Then that changes for many people. If you are reading this, it probably changed for you, and now you are looking at hypnosis as a way of losing excess weight.

Why did you gain too much weight? One big reason is that, somewhere along the way, you stopped listening to your body. Instead, you allowed your mind to convince you that, in certain situations, you need to eat something, whether your body wants food or not.

Let’s give this conviction that you absolutely need to eat something right this minute a name—imaginary hunger. It is a product of habit. Over the years you have developed the habit of responding to certain situations by eating. You think you are feeding your hunger, but you are actually just feeding a bad habit.

Take this example. Over time, you have gotten into the habit of eating when you watch television. When you turn on the set, you head for the kitchen to find something to munch on. You don’t say, “Oh, the TV is on, time to eat.” You actually feel hungry. It is a conditioned response, and it’s automatic.

Maybe you’re sitting around with nothing to do. You’re feeling bored. You could get up and do something interesting, but the conditioning kicks in, and you think, “I need to eat something.”

Sometimes the imaginary hunger is a response to stress. Sometimes it is something as simple as the time of day. The point is, your body does not actually need or want food. The hunger you tell yourself you are feeling is imaginary.

The first step in stopping imaginary hunger from running your life is to recognize it for what it is. If you are eating a normal, healthy diet with regular mealtimes, any hunger you feel at other times of the day is almost always imaginary.

The next step, of course, is hypnosis. One of the things a skilled hypnotist will teach you is self-hypnosis, which is one of the most useful things you will ever learn. You will soon be able, when you feel that imaginary hunger, to put yourself into a light trance and wait the hunger out. It will go away before you know it.

That will be a time for both no pain, and no gain.

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