What to Expect From Your First Hypnotherapy Appointment

So, you’ve just booked your first hypnotherapy appointment. Congratulations! For many, taking that first step towards facing personal issues can be nerve-wracking, but learning what to expect from your first session can help tremendously.
Introductory conversation
Before any hypnosis begins, your therapist will want to have an introductory conversation with you about the session. First and foremost, your therapist will want to know why you have come to see them. They will ask you a series of questions about your goals […]

The Top Hypnosis Methods and How They Work

Hypnosis is different for everyone – what works for someone may not work for you.
If you want the best results from hypnosis, you need to make sure you’re using hypnosis techniques that work for YOU.
To help you find the right form of hypnosis for you, we’ve gathered some of the top hypnosis methods that people often use for initiating changes in their behaviours, actions, or mindsets.
Direct Suggestion
As its name suggests (pun intended), Direct Suggestion involves suggesting a desired behaviour […]

5 Facts About Hypnotherapy You Probably Didn’t Know

Hypnotherapy is seen to be such a mystical and mysterious thing. Sure, there’s plenty we’re still yet to learn and understand about hypnosis, but there is also a lot that we do know too. To give you a bit more information and guidance on the topic of hypnotherapy, we’ve put 5 common facts together that we think you should know about.
1.   Hypnosis is Not Mind Control
While it may appear that the hypnotherapist is controlling the mind of the subject […]

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