Weight loss help

Small Change To Big Weight Loss

For most people, weight gain occurs over a period of weeks, months and even years. In this article, we will examine how drinking as little as two 375ml soft drinks can result in major weight gain over time. For example, a 375ml coke has over 150 calories. If you drink 2 per day, that will be an extra 300 calories daily. A caloric increase of 7000 calories equals one kilo of fat. This means approximately every 23 days, you gain a kilo, or about 1 and ½ kilos per month, or 16 kilos a year. That is not even the worst of it. There are 40 grams of sugar in a 375ml coke. Research published in The European Molecular Biology Journal determined that as little as 15 grams of sugar per day can increase your insulin levels which is the primary regulator of fat tissue. In short, the 39 x 2 = 78 grams of sugar will make you fat, and the fat is generally stored in the belly area. Within this problem lies an opportunity. A little reverse engineering and you can see that simply substituting delicious water can result in 16 kilos of weight reduction in a single year, and most of that weight will come from the mid-section. Fortunately, hypnosis is the ideal tool to make that substitution effortless and enjoyable. In the next paragraph, we will explore how this is easily accomplished.

There is only one reason why anyone would choose to drink a sugar-filled soft drink, and that is they associate more pleasure with drinking it than pain. The subconscious mind does not think critically or rationally, in fact, it accepts uncritically the suggestions which have been placed into it. So if you say to yourself, “I love Coke, it is delicious and refreshing”, your unconscious mind will accept that idea. However, when you think there are 150 calories and 39 grams of sugar in a coke and it will make me fat, I will not sleep at night, my joints will hurt, and I will be at greater risk for diabetes, heart disease, sleep apnea, reflux acid, etc., your behavior will change. You can make the habit even stronger by suggestion to yourself that drinking clear, cool water is one of the healthiest things you can do, life is not possible without drinking water, it creates your blood and allows it to circulate and provide power to all the organs of your body, it removes impurities and strengthens your electrical field which allows you to access your natural energy. No drink is as refreshing as water.

The hypnotist can assist by placing your critical filter in abeyance and allowing these beliefs to become deeply imprinted in your subconscious mind. You drink water because you prefer it. Thus, weight loss occurs in an effortless and enjoyable way.

Hypnosis: the best way to stop smoking

The internet is loaded with offers of  “infallible” ways to kick the smoking habit.  They show up in magazines, too, not to mention radio and television.

With all of those techniques available, some of them offered at a very low price, why connect with a professional hypnotist like Greg Thompson in Gold Coast?

First, although hypnotic sessions with Greg may cost a little more than some, certainly not all, of the other approaches, it still costs far less than what even a light smoker spends in Australia for cigarettes.

You could try nicotine replacement patches or gum, but those have two drawbacks. First, you are still loading up on nicotine, maintaining your addiction. Second, the research shows that they don’t actually work for most people over the long run.

Another option is a prescription drug like Champix or Zyban, but now the disadvantages multiply. These drugs are super-pricey. They don’t work any better for most people than nicotine replacement gadgets. More importantly, they come with a huge array of side effects—nausea, headaches, vomiting, low energy, sleep problems, and, in the case of Zyban, obesity and reduced sex drive.

Hypnosis? The main side effect is relaxation and calmness.

A major problem for smokers, of course, is craving cigarettes. Hypnosis nips the craving in the bud. One of the things Greg will teach you early one is how to slip into a quiet, comfortable trance, and when you are in a trance, even a very light one, you simply cannot feel cravings. And although cravings can be powerful when they are not dealt with, they have an Achilles heel; every time you don’t give in to them, they get a little weaker. Over time, they simply disappear.

Last, no matter the reason you first began to smoke, you have any number of reasons for continuing. Many things—anger, unhappiness, anxiety, boredom, relationship problems, you name it—can trigger the urge for a cigarette. A skilled hypnotherapist like Greg Thompson will help you identify those underlying issues and deal with them.

So have not doubts; hypnosis is the choice to make.

Why does hypnosis work so well?

Hypnosis works. The fact that you are reading this means that you probably already have figured that out.

Hypnosis works to help smokers quit tobacco, to help people shed kilos they don’t want, to combat pain and block anxiety, and to sharpen all kinds of skills and abilities.

What makes it work so well?

First of all, it is based on a positive, not a negative. Conventional medicine starts with the assumption that something is wrong with you, and the physician’s job is to fix it. A skilled hypnotherapist like Greg Thompson in Gold Coast understands that the real task is not to fix something that’s broken but to identify and strengthen the powers you possess and help you learn to use them for healing and improvement.

That leads to the next fact:  you are the one in charge. Conventional physicians are trying to do something to you. Hypnosis allows you to do the job yourself. A conventional physician is a fixer, but you are not an auto in need of repair. A skilled hypnotist is a partner, who works with you, not on you.

Hypnosis is an altered state. It allows you to step away from your everyday habits and behaviours. It opens a door to your unconscious and allows you to examine and deal with even traumatic things in a calm, productive manner. It allows you to focus intently, with no distractions, on the things you need to deal with and pay attention to.

Hypnosis lets you change your mind about what is possible, and allows you to do things that you otherwise would not believe you can do—like numbing a painful part of your body, or not noticing even the strongest cravings for a cigarette or a candy bar.

The point is that you have many skills and talents, some of which you know about, and some of which you have never dreamed of. Hypnosis allows you to locate those, take hold of them, sharpen them, and use them to improve and heal your body and mind.

The power of the altered state

Most professional hypnotists and hypnotherapists are wedded to the idea that hypnosis is an altered state of consciousness, one that is very different from everyday wakefulness, and yet not at all rare.

The fact is that all of us experience hypnosis all the time, whether we mean it or not. When you are daydreaming, you are in an altered state. When you are at a play and have no sense of the time passing, you are in that state. When you are on the playing field, and get banged up, and don’t notice the pain until after the game is over, you are in an altered state.

Hypnosis is simply what you call it when you go into that altered state on purpose.

Either way, you are taking a step back from your conscious mind and entering the realm of the unconscious, which is what gives that altered state—whether you enter it deliberately or spontaneously—its power.

The unconscious exists at many levels, and we can use hypnosis to connect with that altered state on all those levels.

There is the physical level. When you practice a motor skill over and over again, it eventually becomes automatic. It is unconscious. You perform the skills without thinking.

Another level of your unconscious involves memory. There is a part of your mind that stores every thought, feeling, and experience you have had since birth, and even before birth. Hypnosis allows you access to those memories.

On a deeper level, there are the memories that have been repressed. These are things that have caused you pain, and your mind has tucked them away and placed barriers there so that you do not have to feel that pain. But in order to resolve those things, you need to be able to get back in touch with the traumatic event. Hypnosis allows you to do that in a safe way.

When you are faced with the desire or need to open the door to your unconscious mind, that’s the time to connect with a skilled professional hypnotherapist. In Gold Coast, that means Greg Thompson.

Hypnotherapy is a pain fighter

Most physical pain is temporary. Bumps and bruises usually don’t amount to much. Even broken bones, sprains, and serious gashes heal over time.

Chronic pain is different. It is disabling in many cases. This is the pain that comes with severe arthritis and other joint disorders, with cancer, with cluster headaches and migraine, or Crohn’s disease.

It does not go away, and it has a major negative impact on your life. It impairs your ability to function day to day. It affects relationships negatively. It can lead to social isolation. It can cost your job. Even at best, it takes the joy out of life.

Sadly, conventional medicine has few answers to the curse of chronic pain. It mainly attempts to help by prescribing drugs, which ironically has led to an explosion of opiate addiction in many countries. And because such drugs are habituating, they lose their effectiveness, so that people need higher doses as time passes.

Is there a better way? Yes!

Hypnosis has been used for centuries to fight pain. It fell out of favour after opiate drugs came into the picture because the drugs were simple and fast to administer. Now, more professionals are turning their attention back to hypnosis, which works and offers permanent pain relief.

Hypnosis works in a number of ways.

Chronic pain is associated, not surprisingly, with chronic muscle tension. Hypnosis has a strong relaxing effect.

The hypnotic trance state allows you to step away from any sensation. In a trance, you simply do not feel pain; and almost everyone can learn in a few sessions how to slip into a trance at will.

When you hurt, your body tenses up, and tension increases the pain. It also makes you anxious, which leads to more tension, and you enter a vicious cycle of increasing pain. Hypnosis stops that cycle.

So if your body is giving you problems, this is the time to connect with a skilled hypnotherapist. In Gold Coast, that means Greg Thompson.

Take a drug to cure a drug problem?

So here’s the situation.

You finally get past all the denial and admit to yourself that you have a drug problem. Your drug of choice?  Alcohol.

Your first thought is Alcoholics Anonymous, but a little reading makes you realise that it has a really poor success rate; and anyhow, who wants to go to all those meetings?

Next, you consider going to your family physician and getting a prescription for one of the latest wonder drugs. More reading—is the internet a great deal, or what?—and you discover that those wonder drugs aren’t all that wonderful. They have unpleasant, sometimes dangerous, side effects, and, once again, they really don’t work very well.

And, anyway, use a drug to beat a drug problem?

More and more people are beginning to discover a better way to deal with excessive drinking. Hypnosis and hypnotherapy offer a powerful weapon in the battle against alcohol abuse.

Hypnosis and hypnotherapy, as practised by skilled professionals like Greg Thompson in Gold Coast, are multifaceted tools. 

First of all, hypnosis attacks the physical aspect of alcohol dependence. When you stop drinking, especially if you have been a long-term, heavy alcohol imbiber, you will have withdrawal symptoms that go beyond a hangover, can last for days or weeks, and can be dangerous. Hypnosis attacks the symptoms directly and blocks them.

Most problem drinkers have other problems as well. They often suffer from such things as anxiety, depression, social phobias, social isolation, and anger. Hypnosis is a proven technique for dealing with these issues.

Drinking problems are also usually associated with poor self-esteem. You drink because the alcohol helps you forget that you don’t like yourself all that much—until, of course, you wake up the next morning.

So if you are concerned about your drinking, and looking to change things, don’t use a  drug to treat a drug. Consult with a skilled hypnotherapist like Greg Thompson. You have nothing to lose except your hangover.

Your brain is not a tape recorder

If you call a hypnotist with a request to put you into a trance so you can find something—jewelry, your car keys, or what have you—the hypnotist, while willing to take you on, may warn you that the effort will require work.

A skilled hypnotist like Greg Thompson in Gold Coast is well aware that memory is a complicated thing. It does not work like a tape recorder. Most of the time, the hypnotist, no matter how skilled and experience, will have to do more than just put you into a trance, tell you to go back in time and tell you to remember.

Workers in the field have come to realise that memory is actually divided into multiple parts, and these parts are stored in different sections of the brain.

Experts describe the process in terms of a hologram, which is a visual image that is split into different parts. A laser is used to take all those parts and project them together so that they form a single image.

Memory works the same way.

Take those keys you lost. That happened at a particular time when you were in a particular place. There were probably other people in the same place, and at least some of your attention was on them. Maybe you were in a club, playing one of the pokies there, and maybe you were losing, and so part of you was worried about how you were going to come up with extra money to pay the rent. Maybe someone else there was giving you a hard time about gambling. Maybe a particular song was playing, and that song reminded you of an old relationship.

All of those things are pieces of the memory, stored in various parts of your brain, and recalling what you did with your keys requires that you put them all back together. And, even as a kid you probably learned that once something is taken apart, putting it back together again is not that easy.

Fortunately, a skilled hypnotist like Greg Thompson knows how to help you work in a trance to locate all those parts and recreate that mental hologram that will let you see where those keys are.

Hypnosis helps you get ready for surgery

When you have a bit of surgery coming down the road, you will typically plan for it, and do things to get ready—tell friends and family, and arrange for time off from work, for instance.

A really good way to prepare is to schedule time with a skilled professional hypnotherapist, someone like Greg Thompson in Gold Coast.

This will get you ready in several different ways.

First is hypnotic anaesthesia. Now, it’s true, that unless your situation is quite unusual, you will undergo chemical anaesthesia prior to the surgery. But hypnotic self-anaesthesia, which a skilled hypnotherapist can train you in, will make everything go better. Your anesthesiologist will need to use as heavy a drug dose. Also, research has shown that patients under hypnotic anaesthesia bleed less during surgery, recover more quickly, heal faster, and have less pain after the surgery thus requiring less pain medication.

In addition, unless you are a very unusual sort, you are going to be anxious as you get ready to go under the knife. After all, there really is no such thing as minor surgery. All surgical procedures carry risk, and no doubt your friends and family will make sure that you know that. That anxiety causes physical and emotional tension, and that tension makes the surgery more difficult, and more prone to complications. Here is where hypnosis comes to the rescue again. It is a powerful tool for dealing with anxiety.

Hypnosis does take time, however, so don’t put things off. If you see surgery coming down the road, now is the time to make an appointment with a competent hypnotherapist like Greg Thompson to get ready. You will learn the techniques and skills that will carry you through the experience and leave you healing faster.

Make that appointment now.

The things hypnosis can do for you!

Hypnosis and hypnotherapy are increasingly becoming the techniques of choice for breaking destructive habits like smoking, excessive drinking, and compulsive gambling, but there are a great many other ways that this altered state can help make your life better.

Athletes of all kinds have long known that visualising improves performance. Ski racers, for instance, spend as much time as possible before a race, standing at the top of the race course, watching themselves go down the slope in their minds. Martial artists perform katas and fighting techniques in their heads as often as they do on the mat.

These days, more and more of those athletes are learning that doing that kind of mental visualisation is even more powerful if it is done while in a hypnotic trance.

Classroom work is another area where hypnosis can make a difference. A skilled hypnotist can train the student to memorise in such a way that the student can actually see the words in his or her mind and read them.

The same is true for music. The violinist who “plays” a musical piece in his or her mind, seeing and hearing it, gets the piece down solidly. Even better, with proper training in hypnosis, that musician can actually play the piece while in a waking trance, with all the benefits that offer to the ability to focus and concentrate.

Pain, chronic or acute, is another appropriate target for hypnosis and hypnotherapy. Psychiatrist Milton Erickson, a pioneer in modern clinical hypnosis, suffered polio as a child and had to deal later in life with chronic post-polio pain. He conquered it with hypnosis and helped hundreds of others do the same.

Hypnosis and hypnotherapy are also increasingly recognised as tools to help people fighting emotional issues, such as anger, anxiety and depression. To begin with, when you are in a trance you simply do not experience negative emotions. All you feel is comfortable, calm and relaxed. More important, skilled hypnotherapists like Greg Thompson in Gold Coast can open a door to your unconscious, allowing you to explore and resolve the roots of such problems.

Keep that New Year’s resolution with hypnosis

In your lifetime, long or short, how many New Year’s resolutions do you reckon you have made?
How many have you kept? And for how long?
This year, things will be different, because you are going to do something different.
You are going to schedule an appointment with a competent hypnotist—in Gold Coast think Greg Thompson.
Hypnosis is a powerful tool for changing behavior. It can help you block out negative thoughts and feelings and boost your belief in yourself. It can cancel cravings and give you the strength to control impulsive behaviors. It can help you alter your self-image; you won’t say, be quitting smoking, you will become a non-smoker, which is very different.
Once you go into a trance, the hypnotist will be talking to you, using the power of suggestion. Often you will create a vivid ‘future’ memory of having already achieved your goal. This gives you not only the memory of what it is like having already attained your goal but the emotional leverage of how good/proud/confident you feel now that you have. For example if there was a part of you that now believes that you have been a non-smoker for an entire year, you are less likely to fall back into those old habits. You haven’t smoked in a whole year, why would you bother starting again?
That is where you get to pitch in.
Before you go for that first hypnotic session, make a written list that includes:
What do you want to accomplish; what is the resolution you want to keep?
Why that particular resolution?
What will feel the best about successfully keeping that resolution?
Who are the people who love and care for you, and who will be rooting for your success?
What are your mental and emotional strengths?
What are specific times and places where you faced a difficult task, or challenge, and you succeeded?
How did that feel, in you mind and in your gut?
Take that list in with you at your first hypnosis session with Greg. He will use the best parts of it to tailor your session and guide you to success in keeping your resolution.
And have a happy New Year.