Can you get trapped in a trance?

More and more people are beginning to discover the ability of hypnosis and hypnotherapy to deal with a wide array of problems. People are using hypnosis to stop smoking, to deal with pain, to lose excess weight, to relieve anxiety, and to improve mental and physical skills.

More and more frequently, individuals dealing with any of those issues are making appointments to see a skilled hypnotherapist—in Gold Coast, think Greg Thompson.

Ironically, the very power of hypnosis makes some people reluctant to try it.

There is any number of myths about hypnosis and hypnotherapy, one of which is the idea that you can go so deep into a hypnotic state that you never come back out. You stay stuck in that trance.

That simply does not happen.

First of all, most of the trance states used in hypnotic work are not all that deep. Most of the time, the person in a trance will still be aware of the sights and sounds in the room, and will still be aware of how the body feels.

Also, a trance feels different from the normal waking state, and the hypnotized person feels that difference. The mind and body are accustomed to feeling a certain way. When they feel different, they have a strong urge to return to that normal, everyday place that they are used to.

And, even in the deepest trance, there is always a part of the mind that stays on the surface, aware of what is going on, and ready to pop back into consciousness.

So no matter how deep you go into a hypnotic state, even if the hypnotist were to leave the building and never come back, you will always return to normal, waking consciousness. That is simply the way the mind works.

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