Can anyone be hypnotised?

If you know someone who wants, for instance, to quit smoking, or lose weight, and you suggest that they give hypnosis a try, you may hear,

“That’s no good. I can’t be hypnotised.”

The odds are that they are mistaken. The fact is, just about everyone can learn to go into the altered state of consciousness known as hypnosis. It’s true that achieving that state is easier for some, while others have to give it a little more work. The ability to enter a trance state is a talent, and like any talent, some people have it to a higher degree than others; but there is almost no one who does not have that talent at all.

Some people may tell you that they have tried hypnosis, and they could not go into a trance. Actually, most of those people can also go into a trance with the proper approach. Although almost anyone can learn to develop a hypnotic state, there are numerous doors to that state, and different doors work for different people.

A competent, experienced hypnotherapist like Greg Thompson in Gold Coast knows how to decide which door will work for you.

The fact is, a trance state is an everyday occurrence for most of us. Ask yourself how often you have experienced these things:

You are at a movie, or a concert, sitting stock still, totally focused on the show. Intermission comes, and you suddenly realise that you are hungry, and your rear end is a little sore from all the sitting. You had not been aware of that until then. You were in a trance.

You are reading a really good book, all wrapped up in it. Someone comes into the room and then goes back out again, and you don’t see or hear that person. You are in a trance.

You are having a really interesting conversation with a friend, and suddenly realise that you have been talking for more than an hour, but it feels as if no time has passed at all. That is because you were in a trance.

If nothing like that ever happens to you, then just maybe you can’t be hypnotised.

But, more likely, you belong to that huge majority of people who will have no trouble developing a powerful altered state and learning how to use it to your benefit.

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