When anxiety won’t go away, consider hypnotherapy

Everybody is anxious now and then. It’s a part of life. Most of the time, it goes away.

For some people, however, it hangs around. It is a chronic condition that interferes with their ability to get on with their lives. It interferes with their ability to work, to play, to have satisfying relationships.

If you suffer from that kind of chronic, debilitating anxiety, you may be tempted to get a prescription for a tranquilizer.

Don’t do it. Remember that the prime rule of any health care profession is—First Do No Harm. Sadly, tranquilizer drugs can definitely do harm. They are habit forming, and lose effectiveness over time. They make it more dangerous to drive, to use machinery, to do anything that requires focus and coordination.

Instead, set up an appointment with a qualified, trained hypnotherapist—in Gold Coast, think Greg Thompson.

Hypnosis and hypnotherapy have been amply demonstrated over the years to be a safe, powerful and effective remedy for chronic anxiety.

First of all, the hypnotic state itself is a relaxing condition. When you are in even a very light trance, you simply cannot feel anxious or tense. And just about everyone can learn to go into at least a light hypnotic state.

Second, anxiety doesn’t come from nowhere. It always has a cause. It may have arisen from a traumatic event in the past. It may come from a stressful life in the present. It may be the result of a parenting style in your family that taught you a negative view of life, that it is something dangerous, something to be feared.

A skilled hypnotherapist has the skills and knowledge to go into your past, and if necessary into your unconscious, to determine the causes of your anxiety and help you deal with those causes.

So if you are dealing with anxiety that won’t go away, this is the time to give Gold Coast hypnotherapist Greg  Thompson a call.

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