You Are Already Hypnotized

Change Your Hypnotist

The question often arises: can I be hypnotized? The short answer is yes, and you already have been. Life is hypnotizing. All of us have been in a state of hyper-suggestibility on a daily basis. Our environment, past experiences, friends, family, television, music, etc. all have the ability to invoke changes in our behaviour at deep subconscious levels. The very fact that we are capable of change is a testimonial to our hypnotic nature. The more appropriate question is: How can I change my hypnotist from a negative to a positive one?

The Bad Hypnotist

Life is made up of external input and the way that we choose to react to that feedback. Our ability to control what happens to us is limited, but our ability to choose to respond to it is absolutely under our power. Frequently, we make predictions based on our worst experiences. These become self-fulfilling prognostications that we will suffer a bad consequence. We, in fact, unintentionally become our own bad hypnotist, feeding undesirable suggestions into our subconscious mind. This is understandable due to our natural inclination to remember negative experiences more strongly than positive ones. In simple terms of survival, it is far better to avoid repeating negative experiences than it is to replicate enjoyable ones. Each time we respond to an outside stimulus, a footprint is left. Much like a game trail, we have a tendency to follow these known paths, making the way clearer and easier to walk even if it means going the wrong direction.


In order to achieve a more desirable result in your life, the first thing you should do is to be consciously aware of your behaviour patterns. For example, perhaps every day when you arrive home from work, your husband asks how your day went. This question may trigger to mind the worst experience of the workday. You may relive that moment through the retelling. The end result is that you once again reinforce how much you hate your job, which in turn produces feelings of anger, frustration or hopelessness. Whenever you experience any negative emotion, this is a cue for you to analyse what just happened. You may discover that positive things do happen at work, but you only report the negative. The next day give yourself a suggestion to be aware of the positive moments. The telling of positive and hopeful things can now become a daily ritual for you and your husband. You may well discover that you enjoy your work more with each and every passing day.

At Moving Minds Hypnotherapy Gold Coast, the reaction to external events can be altered in such a way as to become a permanent change. Greg understands environmental conditioning and can identify negative behaviour patterns which can be difficult for you to see. Working with Greg, you can eliminate the bad hypnotist while accentuating the good one.

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