Is your hunger fake or real?

There are two kinds of hunger—real and fake. A competent hypnotist guiding you toward your goal of losing unwanted weight will give you tools to deal with both.

Real hunger comes from your body. It’s what you feel when you really need nutrition when your stomach has been empty for too long and is crying out to be fed. Once you feed your body what it needs, real hunger goes away for the time being.

Fake hunger is, quite literally, all in your mind. It can show up whether your stomach is empty or full, and it has nothing to do with nutrition.

Real hunger has only one trigger—your body’s need for calories, lovely little molecules of fat, starch, and protein that combine to form the building blocks of your body’s cell structure.

Fake hunger can have any number of triggers, all mental or emotional. Fake hunger occurs because, as you were growing up—this process almost always begins in early childhood—you learned, maybe accidentally or perhaps from a parent’s example and encouragement—that eating could make you feel better.

Are you frightened or anxious? Have a cookie. It will make you feel better. In fact, have two cookies. In fact, eat the whole box.

Did the boss just tear you down in front of all your coworkers? No problem. Take a quick break and find a doughnut.

Did you just find out that some of your friends are having a party, and no one invited you? Just remember that there is a brand-new carton of ice cream in the freezer. Maybe if you eat the whole thing, missing the party will hurt less.

Or, maybe it is time to get in touch with a competent hypnotherapist, like Greg Thompson in Gold Coast, who will have the skill to guide you away from fake hunger, help you ease real hunger pangs—that will be necessary at first because your body has been conditioned to overeat—and empower your ability to reach a healthy weight and stay there.

What’s the best hypnosis to quit smoking?

Let’s say you have decided to quit smoking, and you are going to give hypnosis a chance to rid you of your nasty habit.

That’s an important decision, and hypnosis is an excellent choice.

Now you have another decision to make. With hypnosis, you have three options:

You can go online and pick out one of the dozens of canned offerings you will find there, usually beautifully packaged and assuring you that you will stop smoking right away and never touch tobacco again.

You can wait until one of the stop-smoking road shows comes to town, where you and a few dozen other people will sit in a room and go through a one-size-fits-all group hypnosis session.

Or, you can make an appointment with a competent certified hypnotherapist like Greg Thompson in Gold Coast.

All three approaches have their advantages.

The canned hypnosis programs are typically very inexpensive, and with what your cigarettes are costing you these days, you may not have a lot of cash to spare. The canned programs are also convenient. You can use them anytime, day or night.

The quit-smoking road shows are also relatively inexpensive. The group approach can help down the line, as well, because one or more of the people you meet there may make good allies later on—sort of an ongoing support group.

Making an appointment with a trained hypnotist like Greg Thompson will, of course, cost more money; and you may need more than one appointment. There is, however, a major advantage. Face-to-face hypnosis with a skilled, competent professional has a really high success rate. There is no single hypnotic technique for quitting smoking that does the job for everyone. A trained hypnotist has the ability to assess your best strengths and to come up with the hypnotic approach that will succeed for you.

And after all, like anything else in life, the best choice is the one that works.

The Golden Rule: Do No Harm

In all the healing disciplines, there is a golden rule:

Do no harm.

In some disciplines, that rule is sometimes only aspirational. Surgeries can go wrong. Mistakes with medication can result in the wrong pill or an overdose. An improper chiropractic manipulation can cause an injury.

But when you walk into the office of Gold Coast hypnotherapist Greg Thompson, the Do No Harm rule always applies. If you have not experienced hypnosis before, you may not be convinced that it will help you; but you can be sure that it will not harm you.

Why is that? What makes hypnosis, which is such a powerful tool that more and more people are turning to it for help, such a safe tool?

The safety comes from the fact that all hypnosis, whether you are in only a light trance or your hypnotherapist guides you into a much deeper state, works with your inner mind, your unconscious; and your unconscious is, among other things, your protector.

Your unconscious is the part of your mind that knows everything there is to know about you. It contains all your memories. It holds all the wisdom you possess, both from your own experiences and that universal wisdom that is built into your genes. It knows what is good for you, what works for you, as well as what might harm you. It knows your strengths and weaknesses.

Most important, your unconscious watches out for you. There is a part of your inner mind that is a hidden observer of everything going on inside you and around you. When your hypnotherapist guides you into a trance, that hidden observer is paying attention. If the hypnotherapist starts to take you someplace you are not ready to go, your hidden observer will alert you, and snap you right out of your trance.

So if you need one more reason to give Greg Thompson in Gold Coast a call, think of that golden rule.

When feeling stuck, do something

A growing body of studies shows that, when it comes to losing unwanted fat, hypnosis is an extremely effective tool. If you live in Gold Coast, clinical hypnotist Greg Thompson has the skills that will make a difference.

But even with the help of Greg and his techniques, losing weight takes time, especially if you have a lot of kilos to shed. That can be discouraging, especially because, in our well-established culture of overeating, you will face constant temptations to feed your face.

Everywhere you look, food is being waved at you, especially the sugar and fat-filled foods that are the worst for you. Walk down the street, and you pass fast food places. Turn on the television, and the ads are filled with tempting, high-calorie delights.

And, of course, you have your own, well-established habits, situations and feelings that trigger a craving to eat.

Your hypnotic sessions will confront those cravings and blunt them, and you will learn trance skills that will make a huge difference over the long run.

But still, it will take time, and the cravings will sneak up on you.

When that happens, the thing NOT to do is to just sit there and hope the urge to eat will go away.

The best response to a craving is not to try to ignore it because that just makes it stronger. Instead, take action. Get up and do something. Fill that time with something besides just thinking about how you would love a snack.

Take a walk. Call a friend. Vacuum the carpet. Lift some weights. Maybe best of all, since Greg has probably given you some training in self-hypnosis, put yourself into a relaxing trance. By the time you emerge from that trip into yourself, the urge to eat will have faded away.

So when the urge to eat tries to snuggle up to you, don’t just sit there. Do something, just about anything, until the urge goes away. And the more often you do that, the weaker the craving to eat will become. Eventually, it won’t be there at all.

When anxiety won’t go away, consider hypnotherapy

Everybody is anxious now and then. It’s a part of life. Most of the time, it goes away.

For some people, however, it hangs around. It is a chronic condition that interferes with their ability to get on with their lives. It interferes with their ability to work, to play, to have satisfying relationships.

If you suffer from that kind of chronic, debilitating anxiety, you may be tempted to get a prescription for a tranquilizer.

Don’t do it. Remember that the prime rule of any health care profession is—First Do No Harm. Sadly, tranquilizer drugs can definitely do harm. They are habit forming, and lose effectiveness over time. They make it more dangerous to drive, to use machinery, to do anything that requires focus and coordination.

Instead, set up an appointment with a qualified, trained hypnotherapist—in Gold Coast, think Greg Thompson.

Hypnosis and hypnotherapy have been amply demonstrated over the years to be a safe, powerful and effective remedy for chronic anxiety.

First of all, the hypnotic state itself is a relaxing condition. When you are in even a very light trance, you simply cannot feel anxious or tense. And just about everyone can learn to go into at least a light hypnotic state.

Second, anxiety doesn’t come from nowhere. It always has a cause. It may have arisen from a traumatic event in the past. It may come from a stressful life in the present. It may be the result of a parenting style in your family that taught you a negative view of life, that it is something dangerous, something to be feared.

A skilled hypnotherapist has the skills and knowledge to go into your past, and if necessary into your unconscious, to determine the causes of your anxiety and help you deal with those causes.

So if you are dealing with anxiety that won’t go away, this is the time to give Gold Coast hypnotherapist Greg  Thompson a call.