Are You Fat but Fit? Inside Out Hypnosis


As a hypnotherapist I hear many excuses for people to ‘not lose weight’. One of them is the Fat but Fit fairy tale.

It goes like this:

“Why would I need to see a hypnotist? I can weigh as much as I want and it doesn’t matter, as long as I stay active, and exercise.”

This fallacy began a few years ago when researchers at Middle Tennessee State University in America conducted a meta study on weight and health. Basically a meta study is when you gather data from many other studies, you put it together, and re-analyse the results.

In this study they split people into three groups, normal weight, overweight, and obese. Then they spilt those groups into two sub-groups, fit and not fit. They were wanting to see if people died before they should.

They found that if you were overweight or obese, and not fit, you were twice as likely to die early, but if you were fat but fit, the odds of dying were no different than for people that were of normal weight.

Great, forget the diets. Don’t worry about sugar cravings. Eat as much fat as you want, just make sure you exercise.

There was a flaw in this conclusion. You see no-one considered age, and once the researchers crunched the numbers it showed that people in their twenties and thirties can get away with being overweight and even obese, but excess weight in the middle-aged and older people lead to diabetes, cardiac disease, hardening of the arteries, and an untimely death.

So if you think you can live the ‘fat but fit’ fairy-tail, think again. You may be able to get away with it while your young but this myth is well and truly ‘BUSTED’. So if you live on the Gold Coast, Brisbane or Tweed and have some kilo’s to donate, then book in to the “Inside Out Weight Loss Hypnosis’ Program today.

How Does Hypnosis Work?

More and more people are realising that hypnosis works, and it can help in many areas of life. Experienced hypnotists and hypnotherapists help people lose weight, stop smoking, manage chronic pain, control anxiety and ease depression, among many other things.

Unlike many conventional allopathic specialists, hypnotherapist hold the view is that nothing is broken, you are simply not using the inner strengths and abilities you were born with. The hypnotist’s job is to help you find your inner resources to allow change to happen naturally.

Using hypnosis you create an altered state of consciousness. Similar to watching a good movie or read a good book your state of awareness changes and you become totally absorbed in what you are watching or reading. An experienced hypnotherapist helps you aim that focus where you need it.

Being in a trance also lets you ignore your conditioned sense of what is or isn’t possible, and become more open to other ways of thinking and behaving. For example, it doesn’t seem logical that you could use your mind to numb a painful part of your body, until you know how to do it. Or, that you could learn a powerful lesson from your hands, or have deep insights spontaneously without really knowing how you came to it.. Until you do.

With hypnosis you can disassociate from past events, allowing you to reduce the emotional affect while leaving the learnings intact. This alone has allowed many people free themselves from the past and create a positive happy future.

Finally, with hypnosis you are in charge. It isn’t a thing the hypnotist does to you, but something the hypnotist helps you do for yourself. Despite what you may see on TV or stage shows you cannot be made to do or say anything you don’t want to do.

How To Quit Smoking Using Your Mind?


Here are four things you can do right now that will greatly improve your chance of quitting.

First, think about all the reasons you want to stop smoking. Forget why other people think you should quit smoking. It’s important that you have your own reasons. No one can make you do anything you don’t want to do, including a hypnotist or a hypnotherapist.

When asked to do this most people will tend to focus on all the bad things they don’t want, like… I don’t want cancer, I don’t want the cough, I don’t want to stink anymore, or I’m embarrassed. Although these things can motivate you at first they will not keep you motivated. These are what I call ‘Away From Goals’. They are the things you don’t want. You need to write this list of all the things you DO WANT, your ‘Move Towards Goals’ like… I want to smell good, I want to be healthy, I want to feel proud.

Write down at least half a dozen of these using as many of the 5 senses as possible. Stick it on your bathroom mirror, your steering wheel, your desk at work. Now, every time you see the list, stop, look at the list, and read it. Read it slowly, and out loud, and with feeling. This way you are doing your own hypnotherapy.

Next, work out what you get out of smoking. For some people this is a hard one. I sometimes hear “There is nothing good about smoking” I always challenge this! Your subconscious mind is always trying to do whats best for you, and this is also true for smokers.

A smokers subconscious knows that in order to escape, have 5 minutes alone, some thinking space, some chill time. There is a sure way… A cigarette.

The thing is… taking time out, relaxing or rewarding yourself are not bad things. In fact it is imperative that you find new ways to take a break, go outside, or get whatever you used to get from smoking, but as a non-smoker.

Next, identify your smoking triggers. The morning coffee, with a beer, after a meal, out with friends. In the short term it may be easier to avoid certain things or do them differently. It is not a bad idea to lay off the grog for a couple of weeks, change the way you make your coffee or move the kettle, sit somewhere else at the dinner table. Consider your triggers and do something to avoid or change them.

Finally, have you ever wondered how smoking relaxes you even though you know it doesn’t? It is partially because you are just breathing deeply. You are being present to your breathe.  Breathing deeply is a gateway into hypnosis. Every couple of hours take 3-5 minutes to just breathe. Just think about breathing. Force yourself to stop whatever you are doing, go outside, and fill your lungs. Deep, slow breathing.